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Pilates of Kenosha

New Pilates studio in Kenosha, WI located within BodyWise Wellness & Spa offering Classical Romana’s Pilates instruction by Desiree Harrington.
Desiree Harrington
Owner & Instructor

Desiree is a Romana’s certified Level 5 Pilates Instructor with over 12 years of experience in the Industry. She has completed numerous Continuous Professional Education courses under the strict protocol of the Romana’s certification standards offering the highest quality Pilates Instructor training program in the industry.  Romana’s Pilates is world-renowned and available in more than 15 countries.

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Sara Birndorf

A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Sara was drawn to Pilates after suffering various injuries related to high impact work out routines. The more she practiced, the more she realized even seemingly simple Pilates exercises can challenge the body using the principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, flow and breath. Her experience working in the field of plastic surgery has made her sensitive to body perception and she values the deep mind body connection which comes with practicing Pilates. Sara has focused her professional Pilates education around Joe Pilates’ classical, systematic, integrative approach and is dedicated to imparting these principles when working with clients. She has completed the Power Pilates comprehensive program, one of the highest quality internationally recognized programs in Pilates education. She attends continuing education classes believing learning is an ongoing process and completing a training program is merely the first step.

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Private Sessions

One-on-one focused attention. Sessions are tailored to meet individual goals and address specific needs.


Duets are 2 students to 1 instructor, offering personal attention and reduced rates.

Mat Class

Pilates and basic conditioning incorporate intense isometric positions that sculpt the body.

Pilates of Kenosha

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve overall health. Pilates is a series of movements designed to stretch & strengthen. Its effects are not only muscular but mental as well focusing on healthy, deep breathing.

Refreshing mind/body workout
Improve balance & coordination
Gain long, lean muscles
Restore postural alignment
Develop a strong core

Gain flexibility
Lower stress levels
Improve digestion
Prevent injuries
Improve strength & stability

Stretch, Strength, Stability
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What We Do

Services Offered

Our full-body workouts increase strength and flexibility while improving posture, balance, and muscle control.

Private Session

A private session involves one-on-one focused attention. Personalized workouts are tailored to meet individual goals and address specific needs. Private sessions are ideal if recovering from injury or have chronic pain.

1 Session – $75
5 Sessions – $350
10 Sessions – $650

Duet Session

Duets are 2 students to 1 instructor, offering personal attention and reduced rates. It can also be used as an initial evaluation, an occasional check-in to assure correct form, or to further your fitness goals.

1 Session – $45
5 Sessions – $200
10 Sessions – $350

Mat Class

We incorporate intense isometric positions creating long, lean muscles at a measured, consistent pace that sculpts the body. See flatter abdominals, leaner thighs, a lifted rear, and greater definition in the arms and back.

1 Session – $20
5 Sessions – $75
10 Sessions – $120

Triple Equipment Mat

A circuit-style Pilates workout that is designed to challenge your core strength, balance, and stamina by building and connecting the exercises through the use of Pilates equipment and Mat Work. (Limited to 3 people)

1 Session – $25
5 Sessions – $120
10 Sessions – $180

Wunda Chair

The Wunda Chair is a demanding piece of the Pilates Method. The chair work stresses all of the Pilates essentials – core strength, breath, and flowing movement and builds more in terms of balance, strength, and coordination.


The Pilates Tower is a scaled-down version of a Cadillac with two upright rails that have springs, bars, and loops for attachments. Students can hold either the push-through or roll-down bars or handle with springs of varying tension to experience amazing stretches and challenging balance exercises to build strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance.


The reformer provides a hugely satisfying full-bodied workout on these marvelous and ingenious machines that quickly train the body, aligns the back and neck, and challenges the deep core muscles to develop flexibility, strength and balance.

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Begin your journey to a healthier, happier life.

Pilates of Kenosha

We look forward to having you join us at Pilates of Kenosha. Please see our Studio Policies and Visitor Agreement before your visit.

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